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Human Factor

Given the high risk to safety in the maritime industry, it is important to ensure the fitness of the seafarer, not only physically, but psychologically as well.


Trauma in shipping – webinar 1

To learn more about the effects of trauma experienced at sea from industry and clinical perspectives, Alandia organised a workshop on trauma in shipping in conjunction with Seaways Psychology Services. 

Trauma in Shipping - Next Steps webinar

Q&A with panel in the Trauma in Shipping: Next step webinar

Survey – Trauma in shipping

The survey asked participants to comment on their experience of critical incidents at sea, the impact of such incidents on participants, and whether they needed and could access support at the time.



Forum - Webinar - Seminar

Mental Health training

Seably online course

The course contains seven different lessons. First an introductory course to introduce the subject of mental health and how we would be able to destigmatize it. This is followed by a mental health section divided into five different elements: Social relations, Emotional wellbeing, Physical health, Food and nutrition, and Rest and sleep. The last lesson summarises the course and talks about important support structures.