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Cargo & Liability

Alandia - The Cargo & Carriers Liability Insurance Specialist 


Cargo Insurance

Sea, air and land transportation of goods can be a rigorous task. Even when all necessary precautions are taken, goods can still get damaged. Based on our experience and detailed understanding of possible damages, we have designed our Cargo insurance policies to protect cargo of all sizes, and types.  

We know that damages to cargo can cause frustrations for you and your customers, which is why we handle your case immediately and efficiently — with swift distribution of any granted pay-outs 

With our Cargo insurance you can insure the value of your cargo should any damages or losses occurgiving you peace of mind while transporting goods.  

With Alandia, you will benefit from our wealth of experience in cargo transportation and our uncompromised commitment to exceptional customer service at every stage of your journey.  

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Carriers Liability Insurance 

Alongside our Cargo insurance, we offer carrier liability and logistics providers insurance, based primarily on Alltrans 2007 and NSAB 2010/2015. Contact us to find out more.  

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Who we serve 

Who we serve 

Our Cargo insurance is primarily designed for medium sized production and agency companies in the Nordic region. However, we offer Cargo insurance to companies of all sizes — including companies across mainland Europe. 

While the majority of our insurances are sold via brokers, we are also happy to work directly with customers, and will inform, advise and create policies to cover your specific cargo transportation needs.  

Find out how we can protect your business with our Cargo insurance policies. Contact our specialist team today.    

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Terms and Conditions 

Terms and Conditions 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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In case of damage

In case of damage

Report damages/losses without delay to Alandia.


In case of damage

Report damages/losses without delay to Alandia:

Cargo & Liability

fredrik karlsson

Fredrik Karlsson

Senior Underwriter Cargo & Freight Forwarder's/Haulier's Liability

Ulf Lagerstam

Senior Underwriter Cargo & Freight Forwarder's/Haulier's Liability
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Johan Johansson

Junior Underwriter