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Stormy sea

The Alandia Way

In the early days of ocean voyaging, sailors used the stars for navigation. Familiar constellations on a clear night would help set a sure direction of travel. 

At Alandia, our guiding stars are our values and our customer promises. Six simple principles that have helped steer our course for 85 years, enabling us to provide the support and protection that lets our customers thrive.  

Our Promise

Alandia makes a difference by creating long-term and sustainable marine insurance solutions for customers, personnel, owners and society.

We Protect

With a combination of the experience gained over 85 years serving the maritime sector and a detailed knowledge of the modern industry, our talented crew will work tirelessly to secure the policies that will keep your people safe and your business running, whatever may occur. Combined with this knowledge and work ethic, we want to provide long-term security for private and commercial mariners.   

We Prevent

The best kind of claim is one that never has to be made. Whatever the size of your maritime operation, whatever the nature of your business, we provide claims management and insurance products that support proactive customer behaviour, reduce customer suffering and use of resource.  

We Perform

Our ability to build strong relationships with our clients has throughout our long history been a key factor to our success. We continuously strive to serve your every need and exceed your expectations, working flexibly, innovatively and collaboratively at every stage of your journey with us. 

Our Values

Underpinning our work are our company values – three clear guidelines that foster the spirit of professionalism, cooperation and mutual respect between Alandia and our partners.  

We are Accountable

At sea, every decision matters. We understand this and are committed to transparency at every stage of our process. You will always know why we take certain actions in regard to the policies we recommend, or the claims we handle on your behalf.  

We are Progressive

Alandia was founded on an entrepreneurial spirit and that spirit has flowed through our veins ever since. We are proud of our history, and we never stop learning. We keep our eyes on the horizon and we are constantly seeking new opportunities to develop our marine insurance products.  

We are Committed

The first vessels to be insured by Alandia belonged to a small group of business partners and friends who were navigating the Nordic seas. Now that our company is much larger, we are committed to treating our customers with the same service and dedication that we did with our original fleet. Welcome to the Alandia Family.  

The Alandia Mission

To be perceived as a knowledgeable Marine Insurance Entrepreneur.

Alandia is a maritime insurance expert for private and commercial mariners. With 85 years of experience in the industry, we have gained great knowledge of the risks our clients face. We serve you by managing risk, protecting value and creating opportunity in three key ways:

  • By being entrepreneurial we adapt to market needs and build marine insurance products that meet specific needs of our clients.
  • By being proactive, we always look for ways to prevent loss and damage.
  • By being experienced, we hire staff with vast knowledge of the maritime industry.

The Alandia Difference

In addition to these defining features, we remain committed to matching our competitors in all other key areas of marine insurance provision, including: 

  • Extensive knowledge of the maritime sector 
  • First class risk-rating capabilities 
  • Swift claims handling services