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Marine Insurance Entrepreneurs

Alandia has been a leading insurance provider in the seafaring market since 1938. Choose an Alandia insurance that will take you further.

Claims Service

Ready to assist in every situation

Our Claims Service Team consists of specialists with nautical, technical and legal expertise. One of our missions is to keep your vessel operations running smoothly and with a minimum of disruptions in the event of a casualty.

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Loss Prevention

Understanding your needs

We at Alandia Loss Prevention work closely and transparently. Understanding your needs and challenges, what makes your future safer and more successful is what engages us.

Emergency Handling

Immediate action

We focus on immediate action in order to protect people, the environment and property. At the initial critical phase, a number of actions are managed concurrently. Quick decision making is required in contacting the authorities and establishing lines of communication. Our situation room will be manned in accordance with our emergency response plan.

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Find your new insurance

Alandia has been a leading insurance provider in the seafaring market since 1938. Choose an Alandia insurance that will take you further.

Hull & machinery insurance

As one of the leading marine insurance providers in the Nordic region, we offer a complete range of marine cover to protect your assets.

P&I insurance

Our P&I insurance provides the comfort of a foreseeable annual premium and can be complemented with other additional special covers. 

Cargo & Liability

Alandia Cargo is primarily aimed at mid to large scale companies in Sweden and the Aland Islands.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be perceived as the superior marine insurance entrepreneur. As Marine entrepreneurs we take the time to fully understand our clients’ risks.

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Alandia’s markets for the Marine and Cargo segments is Europe with the Nordics as its core. The market for the segment Pleasure Craft is the Nordics.

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A structured corporate governance is a precondition for achieving business goals and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.

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Maintaining a sound financial position is key to delivering the exceptional service Alandia is known for.

Experience that counts

Alandia Marine’s 80 years of experience with seafaring insurance help us offer the security and service to take you further.

Latest news

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Alandia profit overview 2020: Alandia’s result for 2020 is strong – the company’s net asset value increases by 10%

Alandia profit overview for the period January - December 2020 Alandia's result for 2020 is…

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Alandia Konsolidering Ab (formerly known as Försäkringsaktiebolaget Liv-Alandia) merged with Alandia Försäkring Abp on January 31, 2021

The merger between Alandia Försäkring Abp and the wholly owned subsidiary Alandia Konsolidering Ab (formerly…

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Alandia Office building in Mariehamn

Försäkringsaktiebolaget Liv-Alandia has changed name to Alandia Konsolidering Ab and will merge with Alandia Försäkring Abp

Försäkringsaktiebolaget Liv-Alandia transferred its whole life insurance portfolio to Aktia Livförsäkring Ab on May 31,…

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