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Claims Handling

Alandia is renowned for its swift, professional and hands-on approach to claims handling. Many of our claims handlers have shipboard experience and therefore the claims team acknowledges the need to manage handling and adjusting processes quickly, effectively, and with minimal disruption to your operation.

When a damage occurs, it is important that Alandia is notified without delay. We are at your service with both in-house resources and external experts in order to mitigate the consequences of the incident. As soon as possible a surveyor will be sent on site to inspect the damage to make an early assessment of the cause and of the cost for the claim. The surveyor acts on our behalf and is there to assist you in these early stages of the occurrence.

Depending on the incident and when needed, other experts from our worldwide network of marine experts will be engaged. For instance, in P&I-cases where a crewmember has been injured or taken ill, and urgent local assistance is required, our correspondents are ready to step in.

There might be a need for a lawyer to collect statements from the crew or otherwise protect the shipowner’s interests and provide expert advice. Alandia’s in-house team and our network of experts are ready to give valuable advice also regarding towage or salvage, letters of undertaking or other contracts which may have long term financial implications for you.

As Alandia has a portfolio with both H&M and P&I insured clients the claims team possesses a thorough understanding of both covers and the risks attached to them respectively.


Claims service

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Emergency contact

Our emergency 24/7 duty phone outside office hours is kept by one of our claims executives and can be reached on:

+358 40 7085 300

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P&I Claims handling

In case of damage – report the damages and/or losses without delay to Alandia.

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Cargo & Liability claims handling

In case of damage - report damages/losses without any delay to Alandia.


Experienced Claims Handling

As well as our core team of experts, we have a trusted, worldwide network of skilled advisors if you would need local specialist support.


Claims Handling Process

Our dedicated claims team assists you wherever and whenever.

Experienced Claims Handling

We insure over 9,000 vessels, from fishing vessels and workboats, to fleets of passenger liners, tankers and car carriers, providing a comprehensive range of marine insurance cover.

This includes Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Loss of Hire and more, as we are proficient in dealing with a complete range of claims. Our expertise, along with knowledge built up over more than 80 years as experienced marine insurance specialists means that whatever happens, we deal with your claim in the most efficient way.

As well as our core team of experts, we have a trusted, worldwide network of skilled advisors if you would need local specialist support.

Claims Service Team

Our Claims Service Team consists of specialists with nautical, technical and legal expertise. One of our missions is to keep your vessel operations running smoothly and with a minimum of disruptions in the event of a casualty.


Telephone: +358 18 29000

Postal address: P.O. Box 121, AX-22 101 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland



Ronny Hindersson

Senior Claims Manager

Tommy Brune

Senior Claims Executive

Fred Hansson

Claims Executive

Markus Willman

Claims Executive

Benjamin Byman

Claims Executive
David Falck_BW

David Falck

Claims Executive

Daniel Eriksson

Claims Executive
Stephanie Sjöblad

Stephanie Sjöblad

Claims adjuster

Mats Johansson

Claims Adjuster

Anna Kuhlman

Claims Assistant

Susam Sommarlund

Claims Assistant

Suvi Niemivuo- 49 (2)

Suvi Niemivuo

Senior Claims Executive /Team leader

Christel Sundman

Claims Executive
Jenny Appel_bw

Jenny Appel

Claims Executive

Lars Laitinen, Alandia

Lars Laitinen

Senior Claims Handler, Sweden

Jenny Hellzon

Claims Handler, Sweden

Wesmans Oy

Claims Finland and Baltic countries