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Terms of use for the homepage

The content of this website is published by Alandia Insurance. Use of Alandia Insurance’s website is regulated by these terms of use, and it is presupposed that the user will approve these terms of use, thus we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them before using our website. 

Area of application and right to changes 

The aim of Alandia Insurance’s website is to familiarise people with our company, products and services. Alandia Insurance has the right at any time to change these terms, the content of the website and the services, the appearance and access without any special notification in this regard. We strive to always keep the information updated and correct. 

Unless expressly stated, the information on this site is of a general nature and is not as such applicable to individual cases. 

The intangible rights to the website belong to Alandia Insurance. 

Alandia Insurance’s limitation of liability 

The marketing of Alandia Insurance’s products that are to be found on the website shall not be deemed to constitute a tender, offer or acceptance unless expressly stated otherwise. Some of the products are only available to persons whose main residence is on the Åland Islands or in Finland and companies domiciled on the Åland Islands or in Finland. Alandia Insurance will answer questions by phone or email, or upon a visit to one of our offices. 

Alandia Insurance is not responsible for technical faults on the website or for indirect or direct damage as a result of use thereof. 

User’s responsibility 

The user is responsible for the correctness of the information they provide and receipt thereof. The user can utilise the information on the website for their own personal purposes, but all other use is illegal unless Alandia Insurance gives its written permission in this regard. In all quotes from the website the source must be stated. 

Services provided by third party 

Alandia Insurance is not responsible for the content of websites that are maintained by a party other than Alandia Insurance but that can be accessed via links from Alandia Insurance’s website. 

Applicable law 

Finnish law is applicable to the content of this site unless stated otherwise.