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We are the marine insurance specialists, and our job is to make a difference by managing risk, protecting value and creating opportunity.

Who we are

At Alandia

At Alandia, our mission is to make a difference by managing risk, protecting value and creating opportunity. As an insurance company with focus on Marine, Cargo and Boat insurance and with 85 years of experience, Alandia provides claims management and insurance products that support proactive customer behaviour, reduce customer suffering and use of resource.

Headquartered in Aland islands and with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm Alandia employs approximately 120 professionals. 

In 2022, Alandia had a total insured hull value of €29,9 billion. Alandia is a public limited insurance company with the rating A- with stable outlook. 

Vision and mission

Marine Insurance Entrepreneurs

Our vision is to provide swift and relevant service and marine insurance solutions that provide long-term security, reduce risk, and limit suffering and resource utilisation.
Our long history in the shipping business, the shipping reality and our wide-spread contact network enables us to give our customers help, back up and service of high standard and efficiency.


The Nordics as its core

Alandia’s markets for the Marine and Cargo segments is Europe with the Nordics as its core. The market for the segment Leisure Boat is the Nordics. 

Alandia enjoys a good competitive position in its markets. Alandia’s proven expertise in the Finnish and Swedish marine insurance markets, in which the group has built a strong reputation, underpins Alandia’s competitive position. Marine hull is Alandia’s core business line, with a leading position in small & medium sized vessels in both Finland & Sweden, supported by a sound position in Leisure Boat insurance. 

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Headquartered in Aland islands

We operate in Finland, Sweden and the Åland islands, serving thousands of customers. Headquartered in Åland islands, Finland, we have three offices in Helsinki, Mariehamn and Stockholm, as well as a worldwide network of authorized correspondents and an emergency contact telephone serving our customers 24/7 in the case of a casualty. 


Our Business


Organisation and management

A structured corporate governance is a precondition for achieving business goals and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.

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Risk Management

Alandia’s activities, both internal and external, are underpinned by a thorough Enterprise Risk Management System (ERM), ensuring we have the ability to identify, manage and monitor risk at every level of operation.



Maintaining a sound financial position is key to delivering the exceptional service Alandia is known for.

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Vision and mission

At Alandia, our guiding stars are our values and our customer promises. Six simple principles that have helped steer our course for 85 years, enabling us to provide the support and protection that lets our customers thrive. 

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Living and breathing seas for 85 years.