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Human factor

#9 Podcast: Heading for change to prevent fatigue

This is a special episode of an old recording before this podcast series existed. We interviewed Doctor Claire Pekcan, the Director of Safe Marine that specialise in safety culture within the marine industry. Claire has also been involved in research projects that investigate fatigue at sea.

We think this theme is still very much valid, especially under current circumstances. Please join us for a special episode of heading for change. 


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Time stamps:

0:59 The interview begins
1:44 Claire’s background
5:30 The problems that marine organisation needs consultation about
7:11 Practising safety culture
9:02 Why Claire became interested in seafarers’ well being
13:48 The Horizon project
21:19 Where does the 6-6 system come from?
25:35 The Martha project
37:59 Long-term effects of sleep deprivation
39:40 How can we use the learnings from the projects?
45:33 Acceptance of the project results in the shipping industry
47:05 Risk vs interest in human factors
48:59 Implementation of the leanings from the projects
50:57 What seafarers can do for themselves
58:53 Claire’s future

Fatigue self help manual

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