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Human factor Podcast
Published: 2022-12-15

Podcast #27: Heading for change – harassment of women at sea

In this podcast, we are joined by Getter Kaevandes, a marine surveyor with a story to tell. As highlighted by BIMCO’s 2021 seafarer workforce report, women represent less than 2% of the global seafarer workforce, and as a former deck officer, Getter is in this minority bracket. But why is the gender imbalance so huge, even in today’s modern age?

In this podcast, we hear about some of the experiences that push women to leave seagoing positions, and in some cases, deters them from having a career at sea at all. It brings into the spotlight how big of an issue harassment at sea is, and how present it remains. We are very grateful to Getter for sharing with us and hope that it will help provoke some action toward making the shipboard environment a safer and better place for women to work.

Listen to the episode

00:23 Introduction
03:04 The reality for a woman onboard
11:29 Sexual harassment
15:15 The reporting system doesn’t work
21:32 Growing the courage to speak up
28:15 Trauma
31:33 Is it any better ashore?
35:05 Improving the maritime industry

Listen to the podcast

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