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Human factor Podcast
Published: 2020-12-15

Podcast: Heading for change to crew wellbeing

It is the human that is in the centre of all operations and business within shipping. Do we optimise the working environment for the people that operate and drive the business forward? We contacted Dr. Cecilia Österman. She is a well-known Researcher and lecturer in sustainable working life.


Listen to the podcast episode>

Time stamps:

1:54 The interview starts

2:38 Cecilia’s background

3:43 Cecilia’s experience of working at sea

4:54 Ergonomics and human factors

7:16 Physical and mental health

9:32 Simple solution?

10:26 Biggest challenges in the shipping industry regarding crew wellbeing

14:15 Calculate crew wellbeing effects

19:10 Good examples

22:10 How small things can make a huge change

27:43 Ask questions!

29:38 Rewards

33:32 Communication bridges in our industry

36:32 What can crew do?

39:06 Some last words


Read Cecilia’s advice on how to improve crew wellbeing with crew participation>

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