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Navigation Podcast
Published: 2022-04-26

Podcast #21: Heading for change – ECDIS safety and user interaction

Welcome to this podcast episode, where we discuss ECDIS safety and user interaction. With the transitional period for the mandatory implementation of ECDIS behind us, we want to highlight its benefits, but also pay due regard to the pitfalls and user errors that commonly lead to accidents and near-misses. For example, there have been numerous instances of groundings due to mistakes and misunderstandings relating to the input of the safety depth and safety contour. 


For safe use of ECDIS it is important to consider standardisation and familiarisation, the need for continual training, the developments underway, and the trust that is placed in this heavily relied on aid to navigation. 

Our podcast guest for this episode is Rob Gale, who is a former deck officer and has worked as a senior instructor for IMO approved ECDIS courses. Rob has also participated at the IMO in the working group for ECDIS standardisation. 

Listen-in to gain some useful insights from Rob’s expert knowledge!  


1:36 The interview begins
2:45 Benefits of ECDIS
6:10 ECDIS standardisation
8:57 User friendliness and deeper knowledge about how ECDIS works
13:14 Divided opinions about ECDIS
16:58 Common user errors
22:43 The culture on board
25:10 Opinions and user feedback
28:21 The development of S-100
32:36 The risk of cognitive overload
36:12 Top three takeaways for managers & operators


Stephanie Sjöblad

Stephanie Sjöblad


Johanna Karlström