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Podcast #30: Heading for change – ESG mini-series, part one

For this first episode in a three-part series, we are pleased to host Marina Stenfors, our Director of Communications here at Alandia, to elaborate on how we as an insurance company commit to ESG goals.

Profile picture Marina

Marina joined Alandia’s management team in 2019, and with more than twenty years of experience working in Communications, she has a wealth of practical knowledge to complement her master’s degree in political science (minoring in law, leadership, and communications).  Marina’s role evolved to include ESG a little over two years ago, with focus put on developing an ESG strategy and implementing it.

In this podcast episode we take a look at how Alandia works toward sustainability in all aspects of marine insurance business, helping to foster a resilient insurance industry that is trustworthy and responsible. This requires creating awareness and a common understanding of ESG at all levels throughout the company, so that we can strengthen our engagement and commitment to our nine ESG wholes and continue driving and integrating them further in our everyday work.


Podcast Chapters:

0:28  Introduction from Marina

2:47  What Alandia has done to commit to ESG goals

9:50  How ESG has changed the way we work

11:19  Alandia’s unique ESG approach

12:11  Attracting and retaining top talent

13:05  Increasing employee engagement with ESG strategy

16:28  Thanks and goodbye


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