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Marine fuels/ Bunker Sustainability

Podcast #20: Heading for change – Energy sources fit for the future shipping industry

Welcome to this podcast episode, where we take a different approach to understanding the challenges of decarbonisation in the maritime industry. We want to know about how urgency effects decision making, to understand what we are realistically aiming for, and how to avoid a situation where our efforts to reduce emissions lead to the creation of more.

This episode’s guest is Daniel Eriksson, who spent time at sea as a second engineer before moving to Climeon, a company which focuses on converting excess unused heat to electricity. He later worked for Foreship as project manager focusing on energy efficiency projects and design.

Keep listening for a thought-provoking discussion which presents some proactive ideas about how we can work toward solving some of the challenges of decarbonisation.


1:40    The interview begins

4:50    Energy efficiency explained

6:39    The IMO’s 2050 target

11:37   100 % green fuels

13:18   The risk of rushing

15:53   The lifespan of the vessel – making design decisions today

19:26   Is there a great solution? Daniel’s top three fuels

25:45   Should we aim to be 100 % carbon free?

28:12   The importance of analysing the results of innovative solutions

29:46   Drivers to go green

Stephanie Sjöblad

Stephanie Sjöblad


Johanna Karlström


Martti Simojoki

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