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Podcast Sustainability
Published: 2023-09-26

Podcast#32: Heading for change – ESG mini-series, part three

This is the third and final podcast in a three-part series on ESG. In this episode Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Martti, and Loss Prevention Executive, Stephanie, discuss the pivotal role that Loss Prevention plays in reaching ESG targets.

Together – indoors

For this final episode in our three-part series, we take a different approach and instead of having a host and a guest, Alandia’s Loss Prevention Team (Martti and Stephanie) discuss the three pillars of sustainability and evaluate their part in achieving ESG goals.

Martti Simojoki is the Senior Loss Prevention Manager at Alandia and has a background as a Captain. He holds an Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics and has become a reputable source in the maritime insurance sector for expertise on EV fires. In addition to his responsibilities at Alandia, Capt. Simojoki is a member of the IUMI Loss Prevention Committee and Cefor Technical Forum, as well as being active in several cross-industry joint ventures to obtain and enhance new solutions for maritime safety.  He fully supports sustainability efforts and is an advocate for change.

Stephanie Sjöblad holds a Masters degree in Maritime Security and a BSc in Marine Operations Management. She joined the UK Merchant Navy in 2009 and completed her studies in Nautical Science to qualify as a Deck Officer. After nine years at sea on a variety of vessel types, Stephanie came shoreside and has taken up a career in marine insurance with Alandia, where she works as a Loss Prevention Executive. Having also studied psychology at postgraduate level, Stephanie has a particular interest in human factors in safety management, bearing relevance to the social sustainability aspect of ESG.


Podcast Chapters

1:17  Short introduction to the LP team

2:08  What we mean by the term “ESG”

3:13  Why ESG is important in marine insurance

7:04  How loss prevention contributes toward environmental sustainability

8:19  How loss prevention contributes toward social sustainability

11:48  The importance of governance and the link with loss prevention

16:21  Podcast round-up/summary


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