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Cargo Podcast
Published: 2022-08-31

Podcast #24 Heading for change – innovative solutions for steel cargo

This month our focus is on steel cargo. The maritime industry changes rapidly and this means that shipowners need to stay updated and find creative solutions to keep up.  

To get some insight on how steel cargo looks from a shipowner’s point of view, we talked with Laura Langh-Lagerlöf. Laura, with her commercial background, is the Managing Director of both Langh Ship and Langh Tech. Langh ship is a family-owned company that transports steel, bulk, and container cargoes, and Langh Tech is a company that designs and produces scrubbers and ballast water treatment units. These companies have adopted innovative thinking and have developed a number of patented solutions for the transportation of steel products. Keep listening to hear about some fresh thinking within shipping.  

 Main takeaways from the podcast:  

  • The lifestyle of running a family company   
  • Steel cargo – risks, challenges & solutions  
  • How to find your niche  
  • Changes within the maritime industry  
  • How to maintain good communications between ship and shore – Is WhatsApp the latest solution?   

Listen to the episode>

0:35 The interview begins

3:41 Why the shipping industry?

5:57 Newbuilds

8:46 Pontoon-type coil cradle tween deck

14:26 Steel cargo challenges & solutions

17:59 A shipowner’s perspective on today’s challenges

19:54 Scrubbers & ballast water management

26:45 Development of the shipping industry

32:33 Communication between ship & shore

34:23 Some final advice


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