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Finnish marine insurance company develops a solution for minimizing losses and keeping operations accident-free


Press release
April 19, 2021


The Alandia Loss Prevention mobile application, designed by Alandia’s superior Loss Prevention experts, offers an innovative hands-on solution for professional mariners for transforming everyday routines into truly proactive safety management. 

Proactive maritime safety management requires efficient communication, regular reporting, and up-to-date safety know-how. Alandia, known for offering superior loss prevention to its customers, has developed a mobile application to help foresee and prevent any accidents that might involve a vessel, its crew, or any damage to the marine environment.

“’The main purpose of the Alandia Loss Prevention application is to minimize losses and keep operations accident-free by enhancing communication and integrating safety observation reports into daily routines,” says Martti Simojoki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager at Alandia.

The benefits of the application are two-fold: while it works as an important reminder of safety matters and an engaging tool for safety education for Alandia’s customers, it also helps Alandia’s own Loss Prevention team to understand the needs and challenges of their customers.

“The reporting feature of the application enhances communication and increases awareness of the complex causal relationships between vessel operation procedures and professional safety,” Simojoki explains.

Furthermore, the application collects anonymous statistics and safety tips from vessels around the world, which enables Alandia to identify various risks and to use the data to improve safety.

“Collecting and sharing data from a large number of vessels enables further risk identification and analysis, which allows employing proactive countermeasures well in advance,” Simojoki concludes.

An API integration makes it possible for Alandia’s customers to connect the application directly into their own ITC infrastructure.


More information for the media:

Martti Simojoki,

Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia

+358 40 702 22 58


Alandia is an insurance company with focus on Marine, Cargo and Pleasure Craft insurance. With over 80 years of experience Alandia provides superior marine insurance expertise and claims service to its customers by creating long-term relationships in a committed and accountable way. Headquartered in Aland islands and with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Gothenburg Alandia employs approximately 115 professionals.



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