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Cefor G7 – Price Cap per Voyage attestation

Water surface

14 February 2024

Per-voyage attestation requirement applicable from 19 February 2024

Implications on the insurance 

A few implications on the insurance cover follows from these changes:

  • The assured must provide the insurer with an attestation on an approved wording for each voyage within 30 days of the cargo being loaded (applicable for both loading at port and STS transfers).
  • The assured must provide the insurer with itemised price information within 30 days of a request by the insurer.

A failure to meet any of these requirements may lead to the assured not discharging its obligations towards the insurer – resulting in loss of insurance cover.


Form of Attestation

The form of attestation to be provided to the insurer is either:

  • Attestation form set out in Appendix A; or
  • Lloyd’s Market Association wording.


Party to sign the Attestation

The entity to sign the attestation is the “person effecting the insurance” as defined in Clause 1-1 of the Nordic Maine Insurance Plan (NMIP) 2013, Version 2023. In other words, it is the “party who has entered into the insurance contract with the insurer” that is to sign the attestation.


Claims leader – Attestation

The attestation is to be addressed to the claims leader.


Co-insurers – Attestation

A co-insurer must be provided with a per-voyage attestation. This will apply pending any further clarification by way of updated guidelines from relevant authorities.

A co-insurer can accept an attestation addressed either to:

  • the claims leader; or
  • Alandia Insurance Plc


Assured/client to conduct their own due diligence

Trades to Russia is still subject to significant legal restrictions. Cover is not available for trade that breaches applicable sanctions. All assureds/clients are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence on the parties, cargoes and trade involved before engaging in trade to, through or from Russia.


24-2 Cefor Circular – G7 price-cap per-voyage attestation Alandia version