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Alandia and Marine Underwriting Services MGA Agreement is not to be renewed


The agency agreement between Alandia and Marine Underwriting Services (MUS) will end December 31, 2022 and will not be renewed. Marine Underwriting Services has since 2017 acted as Management General Agency for Alandia and has handled Alandia’s underwriting, service and claims handling regarding the Cargo, Charters’ Liability, Protection & Indemnity and Hull & Machinery insurances in the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Caspian Sea markets.

Alandia continues to write in-house for the Baltic States and Poland and has made a strategic decision to discontinue writing the above-mentioned business lines in other geographies where MUS has provided the MGA services for Alandia.

”Alandia has good capabilities and knowledge of the Baltic and Polish markets and their customer needs and therefore we have made the strategic decision to continue writing business with these markets only in-house from January 1, 2023 onwards. I want to thank Marine Underwriting Services for the good six yearlong co-operation”, says Alandia CEO, Tony Karlström.

”We thank Alandia for co-operation and sure that we will continue to support each other in the future, but in a different form. After the MGA agreement expires, we will continue servicing our clients as before”, says Marine Underwriting Services CEO”, Aleksandrs Abuzjarovs.

Marine Underwriting Services will handle insurance policies that are in force until the current insurance periods end as well as claims related to insurance policies that has been written under the agency agreement until 31 December 2022 so the servicing of the current customers will not change.


Tony Karlström Aleksandrs Abuzjarovs
Alandia Marine Underwriting Services

Alandia is an insurance company with focus on Marine, Cargo and Boat insurance. With over 80 years of experience Alandia provides superior marine insurance expertise and claims service to its customers by creating long-term relationships in a committed and accountable way. Headquartered in Aland islands and with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Gothenburg Alandia employs 120 professionals.

Marine Underwriting Services SIA (MUS) is management general agency providing marine hull and machinery, cargo, transport and logistics, port and pleasure craft underwriting and claims management services on behalf of HDI Global Specialty SE. Headquartered in Riga service is provided to customers domiciled in Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and Caspian Sea area.