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Improve safety with the new Alandia Loss Prevention App

Have you ever imagined the possibility of having an innovative maritime loss preventer in your mobile device? Our new Alandia Loss Prevention App is now generally available for Android and iOS.

The Alandia Loss Prevention App is an innovative hands-on solution for professional mariners for transforming everyday routines into truly proactive safety management. The App, designed by our superior loss prevention experts, can help you minimise losses and keep your operations accident-free. Download for Android | Download for iOS  

What is Alandia Loss Prevention App?

One critical function of professional safety management is to foresee and prevent any accidents that might happen to a vessel, its crew, or any damage to the marine environment. To help everyone involved achieve this, we designed an App that makes two-way communication easier, enhances regular reporting, and increases awareness of up-to-date safety know-how.  

Valuable data for Alandia customers with API integration

If you are an Alandia Customer, you can use API integration to connect the Alandia Loss Prevention App to your own ITC infrastructure. Collecting and sharing data from all your vessels enables further risk identification and analysis, which allows for proactive counter measures well in advance.  

How does the Alandia Loss Prevention App work?

The user friendly App consists of two main features: Safety Challenge and Safety Observation.  

Collect points and test yourself or your team in Safety Challenge

The Safety Challenge feature of the App is a new and engaging way to keep one’s safety know-how up-to-date. With the help of a familiar quiz function the Safety Challenge turns important safety information into a gamified form. Collecting safety points works as an important reminder of safety matters as well as an engaging tool for safety education.  

Make reporting a daily routine with Safety Observation

The Safety Observation reporting feature of the App is designed to enhance communication within your own organisation and to increase awareness of the complex causal relationships between vessel operation procedures and professional safety. The Safety Observation is an easy way to report if an accident almost happened. You can also share your best safety tips with other users through the App. All the reports and tips from vessels around the world are anonymously available in the App. These statistics create a wealth of broad know-how and an additional means for identifying risks and improving safety for all the users.  

Instructions and other materials

The more users the App has among the personnel the more effective it is. Therefore we have created a set of materials to make it as easy as possible to start using the App. These materials include a user manual for captain and first mate, information package for personnel and posters for the vessels with download instructions. Contact us for further information and we will send you the materials needed.

User feedback on The Alandia Loss Prevention App

We let a selected group of our customers test the Alandia Loss Prevention App in advance to get helpful comments and development ideas from authentic users. The feedback has been remarkably positive.

"I think the app seems to be great, and I think it is useful for our company"

Captain Mattias Elisson, Destination Gotland

"The app has many useful functions, I believe the most useful for us is the Safety observation module"

Fleetmanager Lassi Eloranta, VG-Shipping Ltd.

"It is very nice and appealing and will certainly be popular with the younger generation who 'live with' apps."

DPA/CSO Sten Rosenqvist, Rederi Ab Eckerö

daniel och thomas

Heading for change to safety awareness and near-misses

This is a special episode concentrating on safety knowledge, near misses, transparency, and digitalisation. Our guests today are Daniel Pantzarfelt, Destination Gotland and Thomas Friis, VG-Shipping.

Martti and Johanna at Alandia

Our experts, here to help

For more information about the app and how to get started, speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors.


Upcoming webinar

We will arrange a webinar for our lead customers where we tell you about the app's features and capabilities. The invitation will be sent by email.

Download the app

Our new Alandia Loss Prevention App is now generally available for Android and iOS.

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Senior Loss Prevention Manager
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Stephanie Sjöblad

Loss Prevention Executive