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Published: 2021-03-26

Podcast: Special episode on safety awareness and near-misses

This is a special episode concentrating on safety knowledge, near misses, transparency, and digitalisation. Our guests in this episode are Daniel Pantzarfelt, Safety and Traffic Manager from Destination Gotland and Thomas Friis, Development Manager from VG-Shipping. Both are master mariners with seagoing backgrounds, as well as shore-based roles within safety and security management.

What kind of tools are useful and perhaps more importantly, which tools are needed that are not yet been available for the shipping industry? Information sharing and transparency are an inherent part of a safety organisation and work.

290x170px_Daniel och thomas_podcast

Our podcast guests are Thomas Friis, Development Manager from VG-Shipping and Daniel Pantzarfelt, Safety and Traffic Manager from Destination Gotland.

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Time stamps

00:03:46 Is the maritime industry safe?

00:04:51 What can we learn from flight industry and petroleum industry?

00:07:02 What it takes for the industry to reach a high safety culture maturity

00:15:47 Taking control of the risks

00:18:20 Building trust

00:21:18 Keeping up safety awareness

00:27:47 The new tool to make shipping safer


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