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Today’s shipping environment relies on multichannel communication, modern communication technology and social media, which plays an important role in organisational communication. Communicative measures include external output, i.e. outbound information to certain parties outside of the organisation, and internal communication i.e. information designed to reach the right persons within the company. In order to ensure communication success, delegating communicative tasks is key. When it comes to safety and crisis communication, it is imperative to set up a system that reaches the relevant people directly.

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Communication about mental health

Effective communication is important, but it is likewise important that we dare to discuss sensitive subjects. One subject we should communicate more about is seafarers' mental health.


Commercial Pressure

When the management and crew are aware of commercial pressure the risks of an operation are monitored and constantly kept under control, which enables the shipping company to make sustainable and long-term profits.

Forum - Webinar - Seminar


Lessons Learned in communication

How can we ensure that the right person gets the right information?


Ro-Ro/pax Loss Prevention Forum

Ro-Ro/Pax safety during cargo operations - best practises, co-operation and information sharing between operators


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Heading for change to understand the relevance of cefor

 How do Cefor, as it is representing the common interest from different marine insurance companies, affect the shipping industry?

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Heading for change to digital sustainability

In this episode, we discuss the connection between sustainability, digitalisation, and the maritime industry.