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Human factor Occupational safety Podcast
Published: 2022-06-27

Rerun #3 Podcast: Leadership & Diversity

In this episode we want to enlighten leadership and diversity.


As a great leader you will give the humans that are running the operations in your organisation, the opportunity to perform optimal. To gain more knowledge from a wise leader with great leadership skills, we invited Dorte Thuesen-Christensen, the Vice-president of operation and claims at Hafnia.

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2:10 The main focus as a Vice-President of operations & claims in Hafnia
3:25 The interview begins
4:36 Dorte’s team
5:46 Being Head of something vs. Being a leader
7:46 Important leadership skills
9:51 Leadership learnings
14:05 What is diversity?
16:05 Communication in a diverse team
18:22 Authority vs. responsiveness
21:32 Dorte’s leadership qualities
25:01 How we lead and work with diversity in our (marine) industry
26:06 Diversity as an important part of sustainable business
28:56 Challenge each other with questions
32:39 The main focus of tomorrows leaders


Johanna Karlström

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