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Cargo Maintenance Podcast

Podcast #28: Heading for change – Hatch covers & their maintenance

We ask a marine surveyor what common issues he sees with hatch covers and what can be done to reduce the chances of claims arising from damages to the vessel and cargo.

During this podcast we listen to the perspective of our subject matter expert, Kaupo Püvi, who is a former seafarer with experience of sailing on general cargo ships. He now works for Van Ameyde Krogius where he is involved in loss prevention and damage surveys which frequently address hatch covers.

We discuss some of the common pitfalls that go against recommended best practices, the importance of training and knowledge, and the need for better shoreside support from the Shipowner to achieve proper maintenance and repairs.

Listen in to be better informed on hatch covers and their maintenance!

Listen to the episode

 0:52  Introduction from Kaupo
5:08 Familiarising with hatch covers
10:42  Survey work
15:43  Maintenance and safety challenges to overcome
20:07  Short summary of the first section of the podcast
20:50  Maintenance best practice – the importance of the hatch cover manual
22:04  Barriers to good maintenance
27:14  Training and knowledge
28:38  Consequences/damages from lack of proper hatch cover maintenance
36:12  Rules and regulations, what should be recorded and where?
Listen to the podcast

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