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Maintenance Podcast
Published: 2022-05-30

Podcast #22: Heading for change – ship design with maintenance in mind

Welcome to this month’s podcast episode, which explores and highlights the role of design in maintenance.


With many new sustainable solutions and designs being implemented for vessels, the need to adapt maintenance practices is inevitable. We ask what is reasonable to expect from modern ship design, how design affects maintenance, and how maintenance knowledge will keep-up with evolving design. 

Our expert guest for this podcast is Jan-Erik Räsänen, Chief Technical Officer at Foreship, where he oversees all things related to the technical aspects of design with a focus on reducing the energy consumption of ships. 

 Listen-in to hear Jan-Erik’s perspective on this important topic! 



00:51  Introduction to Jan-Erik and the topic 

07:51  Career Highlights 

10:02  What is good ship design? 

13:27  How maintenance is incorporated in ship design 

19:00  Future skills sets 

22:59  The regulatory aspect of maintenance 

22:36  Information sharing and multiple stakeholders 

33:11  The practical aspects of maintenance – accessibility 

39:45  Final words of advice 

Stephanie Sjöblad

Stephanie Sjöblad


Benjamin Byman

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