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Human factor Podcast
Published: 2022-10-10

Podcast #25: Heading for change – Communication and inclusivity

For this month’s theme of communication and inclusion, we have Cajsa Jersler-Fransson joining our podcast! Cajsa is a qualified master mariner who now works on diversity and inclusion projects for the Swedish Maritime Administration, such as REDO 2 which addresses social sustainability at sea.


The shipping community is relatively small but exceptionally widespread, and so we talk about the power of networking and social media to enable further reach, and about how storytelling is a hugely impactful method for communicating a message. When it comes to more localised communications, such as those between crew members on board, we discuss how language barriers affect both crew inclusivity and vessel safety. We also ask Cajsa for her point of view on bridging the gap between the ship and the shore. Listen to this podcast for an interesting and thought-provoking discussion!

Podcast - Communication and inclusivity