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Human factor Podcast
Published: 2022-07-26

Podcast #23 Heading for change – Trauma at sea (SHORT)

We want to spread knowledge about what trauma is and how we can deal with it in the best way. 


Right now, we are working on a project with trauma expert Rachel Glynn-Williams, a consultant clinical psychologist and clinical director at Seaways Psychology Services. Keep listening to learn from her expert insights.

This is a short version of  the episode Trauma at sea, for the original version see episode 16.

Listen to the episode>

1:24 The interview starts
3:26 Seafarer as a high risk occupation
6:26 The effects of trauma
10:01 Trauma and mental health
13:20 When can you call an event traumatic?
15:14 Misconceptions about trauma
19:32 Why doesn’t the maritime industry prioritise trauma management?


Johanna Karlström