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Helsinki workshop – Creating a Trauma Informed Maritime Industry

Timezone: Europe/Helsinki
Location: Helsinki
ship crew performing daily duties with VHF radio, binoculars, logbook, standing nearby to ECDIS shutterstock_1471641632

Alandia, in conjunction with Seaways Psychology Services, warmly invites you to participate in this workshop on the 27th of September 2022 from 8.30 to 15.30 EEST at Clarion Hotel, Helsinki (Tyynenmerenkatu 2).

You will be provided with an interactive opportunity to learn about the effects of experiencing trauma at sea through industry and clinical perspectives and acquire tools to build a trauma-informed maritime workplace.

Take aways from the workshop will be:

  • An understanding of what trauma is and its relevance and impact in maritime workplaces.
  • Knowledge of the human stress response and its various effects.
  • Tools for managing your own stress responses.
  • Guidance on the principles of best practice after a critical incident.
  • Information on helpful ways of supporting others in the aftermath of a traumatic incident and what to avoid.
  • An awareness of the relationship between the human stress response, PTSD, and mental health difficulties.
  • A practical toolkit to help you plan for greater awareness and recognition of trauma and more effective responses within your workplaces

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Workshop Programme


Registration with coffee and pastries



Keynote Speaker: Lena Marcus, Sea Personnel Manager at Viking Line

Critical incidents in the maritime industry

The Human Stress Response and Trauma

What works in managing own common reactions


Coffee break


Psychological first aid

When more support is needed

Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth




Guest Speaker

Building a trauma-informed maritime industry


Final thoughts and discussion


Dr. Rachel Glynn-Williams, Clinical Director, Seaways Psychological Services (UK)

Dr. Lesley Walker, Consultant Counselling Psychologist with Seaways Psychology Services (UK)