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Risk and rules in respect of winter navigation

Is a vessel liable for damages caused to another vessel through a collision when both vessels are assisted by an icebreaker at the time of the collision?   

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Winter Theme

Learn more about hypothermia, basic layering and contact damages in our monthly theme.


Operational best practices checklist

Since navigating in winter and ice conditions increases risk, our recommended best practices include the following: 



Experienced Ice navigation

Listen to this podcast episode for some valuable insights derived from a wealth of real-life experience in the ice.

Winter and Ice Navigation Portal

The purpose of the Portal is to provide a quick referencing guide to current best practices, infrastructure, ice breaker assistance, and the sea areas and routes where winter and ice navigation apply.


Ice navigation

Webinar: Lessons learned in incidents regarding ice navigation.

Panel: Hans Björkestam - Safety and Environment Manager, ESL - Shipping Sten Rosenqvist - Safety Manager, Eckerö Line Niklas Gustafsson - Captain, Eckerö Line Thomas Friis - Development Manager, VG-Shipping Moderator: Martti Simojoki - Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia

Time stamps:

02:49 - Moderator starts speaking 03:23 - Thomas Friis introduction 04:15 - Sten Rosenqvist introduction 05:13 - Niklas Gustafsson introduction 06:20 - Hans Björkestam introduction 07:46 - The panel expectations of this year's winter 09:54 - Lessons learned in incidents regarding ice navigation 23:41 - Biggest challenges - risks that cannot be controlled and risks that can be controlled 36:02 - Ice breaker assistance risks 45:36 - How could shipping industry improve operations in cold climate? 51:00 Q&A

Instructions and guidelines

Basic layering

Icebound vessel

Fatigue – self help manual