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Loss Prevention Webinars

Here you can see our webinar recordings to learn and get insights for a safer marine industry.

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Lessons Learned Webinar

Welcome to a new online forum where we discuss incidents in shipping and what we learned from them. Our mission is to enlight safety culture and share knowledge

As long as there are humans in organisations, we make mistakes. The more honest we are about what went wrong, the better we can use the learnings for a safer future. Every second month we invite new panel members, to discuss a new theme. What lessons did we get and what did we learn?

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Mental Health Webinar

Seafarers are a risk group for mental disorders because of distance from family, long work hours and fatigue. In this webinar, we discuss the most common mental health disorders depression and anxiety - and how to prevent the crew from symptoms. Mental health has a significant impact on the shipping industry. It affects crews' motivation and performance. Poor mental health increases the risks in vessel operations. Because poor mental health is stigmatized and often a sensitive subject to discuss, it is of high importance that we dare bring the topic to the surface and take preventative actions.


Cyber Security Webinar

On 18th March Alandia's Loss Prevention, together with Deductive Labs, hosted a webinar regarding Cyber Security.

Today, there are not many people in the maritime business that haven’t heard about the upcoming IMO regulation, Resolution MSC.428(98) regarding Maritime Cyber Security. There have been many seminars and discussions on the subject, many guidelines, many tips and tricks from different organisations and vendors. But what is cyber security really about? And what exactly are the related practical tasks and issues that should be considered by every mariner on board every ship