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Alandia P&I insurance

No standard deductible - tailored to the risk.

For a ship-owner, experiencing damages and/or legal claims can be a very lonely affair. This is far from the Alandia way. We believe in sticking close to our customers and that is why our P&I insurance – in addition to liability coverage – offers a possibility to receive counseling and guidance in connection with claims, casualties and other risks of liability. What’s more: To avoid unpleasant surprises it has a fixed premium basis and a separately agreed deductible for each and every occurrence.

Building on this, we tailor or offer to your needs. Alandia’s P&I insurance is agreed in coherence with the hull & machinery insurance to give you an essential and solid insurance solution. Our offer is primarily targeted towards vessels up to 10 000 GT. The limit is EUR 500M.


"With extensive knowledge of risk and entrepreneurial passion Alandia deliver to the highest level of risk management needs"

Mikael Björklund, Product Manager, P&I

Gotland Tankers

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Jonas Moberg at Gotland Tankers.

Arriva shipping

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Sindre Matre at Arriva Shipping.


Boat in the fog


Our P&I insurance provides the comfort of a foreseeable annual premium and can be complemented with other additional special covers.