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amorella aground 2

Amorella behind the scenes

What happens behind the scenes when a passenger ship runs aground? Get an insight into the case of M/S Amorella and how the Alandia team and other professionals could help out. This three-part mini documentary was produced during the weeks when Amorella was repaired and serviced. Today she is back in traffic, more beautiful than ever!

Part 1

The call that changed his Sunday plans

That Sunday he was going to a harvest festival, but a phone call changed all that. In this first film of three mini documentaries about the salvage of M/S Amorella, Alandia’s Senior Claims Manager Ronny Hindersson gives an insight into what happened during the first hours of the rescue.

Part 2

Leave it to the pros

Salvage Master Pekka Arasola has seen cases where the insurance company isn’t that interested in what is going on. But what does he think of Alandia’s contribution to the Amorella case? In this second film of three mini documentaries about M/S Amorella you get an insight into how a professional team can make all the difference.

Part 3

It’s all about your team

In this third and final mini documentary about M/S Amorella you’ll meet Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, VP Corporate Communications at Viking Line Abp. Being in the front line when something happens, she knows the value of professional colleagues and dedicated partners.

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