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Published: 2024-04-23

Podcast #34: Heading for change – Improving maritime safety

In this podcast episode we have the pleasure of being joined by Dr Linda Sorensen, who shares her extensive knowledge on how people function in safety critical industries.

Linda’s headshot

Dr. Linda Sorensen is a maritime executive with experience gained in developing operational safety, process and performance solutions in the oil, gas, maritime and transport sectors. She is passionate about safety and human factors and has dedicated her career to improving working conditions and to enhancing safety performance. With experience gained from consulting, research and shipping she has been working to make a difference in the real world by transforming empirical research into practical applications that have an impact.

Linda has been a Senior Consultant and Technical Lead for Lloyd´s Register and has worked as a safety specialist in BW and as Head of HSEQ & Human Factors for the Frontline group of shipping companies. Most recently she Co-founded Bigyellowfish, a tech company which specialises in behaviour risk management.

Although we have tried to engineer out the human where possible, people are still a vital part of maritime work systems and therefore need to remain a priority.

Do you want to hear about how we can improve safety in the maritime industry through more focus on the design of the socio-technical system that seafarers operate within? Do you want to gain insight on why we need to think more closely about a just culture, training, and the work environment?

Then this is the podcast for you – click play now!

Podcast Chapters

1:28  Linda gives an introduction
5:59  Is the maritime industry too conservative?
8:09  Why human factors matter for increasing safety performance
11:55  Examples from Linda’s work in the maritime sector
13:40  How hard is it to measure the effects this work has on improving safety?
16:43  Linda’s thoughts on ‘just culture’
24:23  How is our training on non-technical skills in the maritime industry?
30:05  The work environment – influence on safety performance
35:42  Podcast round-up/summary

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