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Marine fuels/ Bunker Podcast
Published: 2023-05-16

Podcast #29: Heading for change – The bigger picture of bunkers

In this podcast episode we have the pleasure of being joined by Unni Einemo, Director of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), who shares her extensive knowledge on the world of bunkers and updates us on current industry concerns and solutions.

Together with Unni we discuss marine fuel as a whole and take a look at how different stakeholders play their part. We also hear about how issues are being handled at the IMO, where Unni is a representative, and get some insight on the uptake of bunker licensing schemes and mass flow metering systems.

Unni joined the IBIA secretariat in April 2016 as IMO Representative and Communications Manager. She was promoted to Director in 2018 to serve as the global head of the Association.

Prior to joining IBIA, she spent two decades as a journalist/analyst in marine fuel and shipping in her capacity as Managing Editor for the highly regarded Bunkerworld and Sustainable Shipping news services at Petromedia, and later Platts, which acquired Petromedia in 2015. She has gained expert knowledge through engaging with industry and taking part in numerous conferences and IMO meetings.

Lloyd’s List named her as one of ‘Ten women influencing shipping in 2019’ and among the “Top 10 in regulation” in 2018 in connection with its annual Top 100 most influential people in shipping series.

This is a podcast you don’t want to miss!


0:49  Intro to Unni

5:46  Growing gender diversity

11:50  The work of IBIA

18:25  Root issues

22:18  Mass flow metering systems

26:52  Good and bad practices – fuel quality concerns

32:26  The work of the IMO on sustainability and safety

39:47  Advice to the industry

Podcast - The bigger picture of bunkers

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