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Insurance & premiums

Statutory Accident Insurance is an important part of the work related social security in Finland. The insurance compensates accidents at work and occupational diseases.

As a rule, all persons in employment are entitled to Statutory Accident insurance. Partners of a limited liability company, a general partnership or a limited partnership, who are employees of the company, are also covered by the Statutory Accident insurance. Employers are required to take out Statutory Accident insurance for their employees with the insurance company of their choice. The premiums for the Statutory Accident insurance are based on the accident and occupational disease risk of the insured work.

Workers’ Compensation Act from 2016

Statutory Accident insurance compensates occupational accidents and diseases and certain other types of injuries which are listed in the Workers’ Compensation Act (1.1.2016).  Accidents that occur while travelling to or from work, are also considered occupational accidents. The compensations are defined in the Workers’ Compensation Act and include daily allowance, rehabilitation, handicap allowance, employment accident pension and survivor´s pension.

Statutory Accident Insurance

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Statutory Accident Insurance

The new Workers Compensation Act that entered into force in 2016 describes the occupational accidents in more detail, including the principles of compensation and their benefits. 

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Alandia’s accident insurance coverage for leisure time

According to the collective agreement for the shipping industry in Finland, the employer is obligated to take out accident insurance for leisure time

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Alandia’s voluntary insurance for self-employed persons

Self-employed persons / partners in companies who are not covered by the Statutory Accident insurance can take out a voluntary accident insurance policy

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Statutory Accident Insurance while working abroad

The Statutory Accident insurance covers work carried out in Finland, or onboard a ship with the Finnish flag.

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Employees' group life insurance

The employees’ group life insurance is a life insurance policy that is financed by the employer.

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Premiums for the statutory accident insurance

The premiums for Statutory Accident insurance are based on paid salaries to the employee and the risk of accident and occupational disease in the insured work.