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Accidents at work

Instructions for injured

Instructions for injured

Report the injury immediately to your supervisor, superior or employer and fill out the accident / occupational disease notification form.

If an accident at work has occurred your employer will give you a certificate of insurance whereupon you, if it’s necessary regarding the injury, contact the indicated medical health centre. Bring the certificate of insurance to the medical health centre. With the certificate your medical care will be free of charge. Medicine prescribed by a doctor for the treating of the injury is also free of charge if the doctor writes the name of your employer and insurance company in the prescription.

Worker in Oresund drydock
Instructions for the employer

Instructions for the employer

Instruct the employee to fill out the accident / occupational disease notification form as soon as possible. Send the report to the insurance company. The employer must also report accidents at work that result in serious injury or death to the labour protection authority and the police.

Send the notification of accident / occupational disease and its attachments to the following address:

Alandia Insurance /LO
PB 121


Workers’ Compensation Act

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