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The Statutory Accident insurance compensates medical costs and loss of income caused by an occupational accident or disease.

Compensation for the claim event is conditional upon probable medical causality between the claim event and the injury or illness.

An accident refers to a sudden and unforeseen event arising from an external factor that causes the employee to be injured or develop an illness.

Occupational disease refers to an illness that is  primarily caused by the employee’s exposure to a physical, chemical or biological agent at work, in the location of the working area or during work-related training provided by the employer.


What is compensated?

The insurance compensates loss of income/medical costs for treating an injury caused by an accident at work or travelling between a workplace and home.

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Necessary medical costs

The insurance compensates necessary medical costs incurred due to an occupational accident. 

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Daily allowance

The injured person is entitled to claim a daily allowance for up to one year from the date of the claim if they are incapable of performing their work. 


Worker’s compensation pension

The injured person is entitled to claim a workers' compensation pension after one year from the date of the claim event.

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Compensation for functional limitation

Compensation for functional limitation is paid to an injured person who suffers a permanent functional limitation as a result of injury or illness.


Rehabilitation allowance

A person is eligible for rehabilitation allowance if they were injured as a result of an occupational accident or disease. 

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Survivors' pension and funeral grant

Survivors' pension is paid from the employee’s Statutory Accident Insurance to the surviving spouse or child, including a funeral grant.

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Other compensations

If the injury or illness reduces the person to a state of dependency, the insured is possibly entitled to other compensation, benefits or allowances.