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Statutory Accident Insurance

Occupational accidents and diseases in Finland are compensated through the Statutory Accident insurance system.

Statutory Accident Insurance is part of the Finnish social security system. By law, all persons in employment are entitled to statutory accident insurance.

As the only marine insurance company in Finland, Alandia Insurance offers this insurance primarily for the shipping industry. We insure both crews and shore-based personnel.

We offer our clients a flexible and personalized customer service experience. We combine this with our unique expertise in shipping and working conditions onboard.

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Insurance and premiums

Statutory Accident insurance compensates occupational accidents and other types of injuries that are listed in the Workers' Compensation Act (1.1.2016).



The Statutory Accident insurance compensates medical costs/loss of income caused by a work accident/occupational disease. 


In case of an accident

In case of an accident, contact Alandia Insurance immediately. Soon after contact we will progress in adjusting the claim. You can report the accident by using our electronic form.



All Finnish acts and decrees, including those concerning the Statutory Accident insurance, are available in the Finlex database in Finnish and Swedish. 

Preventing Accidents

Alandia Insurance’s contribution to a safer working environment

Alandia Insurance encourages policyholders to strive for a safer and healthier working environment. As part of Alandia’s loss prevention profile, policyholders can apply for Alandia’s loss prevention contribution.

Policyholders can apply for an Alandia contribution for projects that promote well-being, and a safer working environment.

The application for the Alandia Insurance contribution should include the following information:
– The person in charge of the project
– Description of the project
– Timetable, estimation of the total cost and the purpose of the project

The contribution is granted twice a year.

Please send your application by e-mail to or by mail to Alandia Insurance, Statutory Accident Insurance Department, Pb 121, 22101 Mariehamn.


Contact us

If you have any questions or queries a member of staff will be happy to help.