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Loss Prevention - Advice Library Marine fuels/ Bunker
Published: 2020-11-02


Proper temperature management is essential and with effective preparation, planning and training, the technical and operational challenges can be managed.

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Our superior Loss Prevention team discussed new fuels with Charlotte Røjgaard, the Global Head of Bureau Veritas Marine Fuel Services, VeriFuel, and she offered us some interesting facts about very-low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO).

Read more about it here >

She also shared some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that Bureau Veritas get about the VLSFOs and the answers.

Read the FAQ here >


Regulation 18.2 of MARPOL Annex VI describes the correct procedures in case of vessel not being able to receive compliant fuel:

  • Notify your flag state and the port authority at the next port of call
  • Provide evidence of actions taken to achieve compliance
  • Fill and submit the FONAR (Fuel Oil Non-Availability Report) form

Fonar template > fonar_-_resolution_mepc.32074

N.B. FONAR is not a “license” to use non-compliant fuel!


Further information:



Key messages:

  • Know your fuel!
  • Testing according to ISO 8217:2017
  • If possible – do not use the fuel before the analysis are available
  • Temperature management – viscosity is temperature dependent
  • Keep fuel segregated – until compatibility has been verified
  • Consult your engine maker’s instructions and technical bulletins
  • Bunker tank cleaning – highly recommended before filling with VLSFO
  • Fuel treatment system – ensure system is adjusted for the actual VLSFO


Article as printable PDF: Alandia_imo220

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