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Lessons Learned Webinar Winter operation
Published: 2020-12-08

Ice navigation

Webinar: Lessons learned in incidents regarding ice navigation.


Hans Björkestam – Safety and Environment Manager, ESL – Shipping
Sten Rosenqvist – Safety Manager, Eckerö Line
Niklas Gustafsson – Captain, Eckerö Line
Thomas Friis – Development Manager, VG-Shipping

Moderator: Martti Simojoki – Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia

Time stamps:

02:49 – Moderator starts speaking

03:23 – Thomas Friis introduction

04:15 – Sten Rosenqvist introduction

05:13 – Niklas Gustafsson introduction

06:20 – Hans Björkestam introduction

07:46 – The panel expectations of this year’s winter

09:54 – Lessons learned in incidents regarding ice navigation

23:41 – Biggest challenges – risks that cannot be controlled and risks that can be controlled

36:02 – Ice breaker assistance risks

45:36 – How could shipping industry improve operations in cold climate?

51:00 Q&A

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