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Cargo Webinars
Published: 2022-11-24

Panel Discussion: Fires – Cargoes Putting Lives at Risk

Cargo fires continue to dog the market, but are there practical solutions that owners can adopt, with the blessing of their insurers? How can owners of ferries protect their vessels as more drivers bring electric vehicles on board.

This is a recording from when the Marine Insurance Nordics ran live in Oslo, Norway on 9th November at the Bristol Hotel.

Panellists: Martti Simojoki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia, Geir Jörgensen, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Loss Prevention, Skuld

Moderator: Danielle Norum Phillips, LL. M. Manager Marine Claims, Wesmans AS

Following on from the ‘Fires – Cargoes Putting Lives at Risk’ panel discussion Martti and Geir held an interactive workshop where they did a deep-dive into the carriage of EV’S. With compelling new data, this workshop discussed factory new vehicles, second hand vehicles, charging onboard (why/why not), fire fighting (differences and similarities with ICE fires), as well as cargo separation and identification.

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