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Dry docking


Floating dry dock with cranes in the port

Apart from Alandia’s general guidelines for dry-docking, you should consult your yard and your contractors (and sub-contractors) for the latest local best practices to ensure everyone’s safety and health. 

Below, you can find some general advice regarding your communication and planning with the shipyard and contractors: 

  • Avoid unnecessary visits. When visits are necessary, always maintain a safe distance and wear a face mask/visor. You should only enter the vessel when all workers at the responsibility of the contractor are declared healthy. 
  • Contractors should avoid social contact with the crew. Face masks/visors are to be worn when moving around the vessel or in situations where physical distance cannot be maintained, such as during repair work and/or inspections in confined spaces. 
  • Yard personnel and contractors are expected to always behave responsibly, both onboard the vessel and in the dry-dock. Be clear with the right to remove any members of yard personnel and/or the contractor for irresponsible behaviour. Such behaviour puts the health of the crew, other contractors, and yard personnel at risk and may therefore not be tolerated. 
  • We recommend that no private visits outside the yard area are carried out during dry-docking. Contracting a virus not only poses a serious threat to the health of others but could also lead to substantial delays in yard work and possibly even force the vessel into quarantine. A quarantine always entails substantial costs resulting from delays, extra crew changes and off-hire.  

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