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Published: 2022-04-12

How trauma-informed is your sector of the maritime industry? 

Alandia Loss Prevention is dedicated to the promotion of mental wellbeing in the maritime industry. Together with Seaways Psychology Services, we work to raise awareness of the impacts on crew from incidents at sea which cause trauma. Take the survey>>


In our 2021 survey, seafarers told us that incidents at sea, large and small, do indeed leave an impact upon those involved, negatively affecting mental wellbeing and job performance at times. The survey also showed that it is not easy to reach out for support. 

In response to these findings, we are launching a second survey to learn more about the experience of trauma in the maritime industry, both at sea and ashore, to further investigate the current level of trauma knowledge and the readiness of organisations to respond. We would like to encourage you to take part in this anonymous survey so that we may learn from your shared insights.  

Our aim is to gain a better understanding about what types of post-incident responses are helpful or unhelpful, what changes need to be implemented, what the barriers to change might be, and how we can work to remove or minimise those barriers.   

It is vital to maintain momentum towards a more trauma-informed maritime industry in order to promote crew wellbeing and safety onboard and to protect commercial interests. 

As part of our mission toward a more trauma-informed industry, it is our intention to hold face-to-face workshops later this year on managing trauma in the maritime industry. Please tell us what you believe would be the most useful issues to include in these interactive events, and don’t forget to look out for further details about these workshops! 

Thank you for helping maintain momentum toward a more trauma-informed maritime industry.  

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