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Sales – Leisure boat insurance

Benita Boström

What is your background?

Before I started working for Alandia, I worked with customer service in the insurance industry and grocery for several years.


Why did you apply for a job at Alandia?

I applied to Alandia as it seemed to be a small business with a familiar atmosphere, and because I wanted to return to the insurance industry after a break of approximately ten years. I also felt that I wanted to speak my mother tongue (Swedish) at the place I work, and Alandia offered exactly this, as Alandia has Swedish as its corporate language.


What do you do in your role at Alandia?

I work with customer service and sales of our pleasure boat insurances – receiving calls from customers and calling out to both existing customers as well as to new customers and trying to give them the best possible customer experience.


How are you required to perform and what skills do you need to have in order to be successful in your work?

The job requires that you are driven to bring in new customers and to retain existing ones. In my job it is also important to not give up, even though you may sometimes get a no from the customer. You need to handle customers’ matters responsibly, carefully and correctly. If you are committed to your job, you get a very positive response from both customers and managers, which of course feels nice.


What is the best thing about working at Alandia?

The best thing about my job is probably all the customer contacts I get; I get to speak to all these nice people all the time – and this applies to both our customers and my colleagues.

It feels great to work at Alandia, it is precisely the kind of company I wished to work for – I feel very welcomed here. The personnel is well taken care of.

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