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Risk Officer

Niclas Lundberg

What is your background?

I have a Master’s degree in Economics from Åbo Akademi , where I studied accounting and economics. During my university years, I was a summer intern in the banking industry for many years and after graduation I worked for a year as an economist in the public sector in Åland before I started working at Alandia.


Why did you apply for a position at Alandia?

Alandia has been a company that I, as an Ålander, have known all along, and at the same time I was curious about the insurance industry. I also worked with risk management at my previous job and felt that the job description suited me well. I understood that the role would involve the opportunity to work broadly in the company and interact with a large number of people, which suits my social personality and is both challenging and rewarding.


What do you do at your job?

My title is Risk Officer and I am responsible for Alandia’s risk function. On an overall level, my role is to support the business in identifying and managing risks related to our business. I am also responsible for providing the Board and management with information and analysis of the risks of the business, how they are evolving and being managed so that they in turn can make risk-based decisions.


How are you required to perform, and what skills do you need to possess in order to be successful in your role?

The work of our risk function spans the whole company and my role is very broad – hence the issues I deal with are often multi-faceted and sometimes quite complex. It is my solid belief that it’s important to try expand our vision further, and to constantly look at the big picture, to zoom in and out in order to see things from different perspectives. As we collaborate extensively with several departments within the company, it is imperative to always be respectful, have a positive approach and to gain an understanding of what we do in the context of risk management, and why we are doing it

Working in risk management is a dynamic process as we have to learn from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow – in order to do that one has to be driven and possess a willingness to constantly evolve, to see opportunities and to develop the way we operate.


What do you find particularly fun and challenging about your job?

I think it’s the variety of tasks, the fact that you learn new things all the time and that you get to challenge yourself as well as others. An important part of working with risk management is also to actively monitor the world around us, take note of a lot of information and to make it relevant for Alandia. It’s challenging but incredibly interesting!


What is the best thing about working at Alandia?

Alandia has a long history, yet the company is not afraid to evolve and think in new ways. There is great flexibility in the work with a lot of personal responsibility, which is motivating and developing. The work is challenging and you are surrounded by incredibly competent and friendly colleagues!

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